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Zoho Writer

Posted in writing, writing aids on August 25, 2011 by Nellie

This time I’m trying something new.  I found it on one of the blogs that Rebekah has on her blog and I saw them mention the Zoho Writer.  I might still use it or I might not.  I’m all for trying new things and this will post to WordPress.  I also read that it can be used to collaborate with someone else if people are doing joint writing.  It lets you track changes and all that fun stuff.  I guess it’s like Google Docs but I don’t know if Google Docs allows for changes between two different people like Zoho does.

That being said, has anyone ever co-written a story with anyone?  I haven’t really tried it.  I did a journal with a friend who lives in California and we would mail it back and forth for something different but we kind of forgot about it.  I’d have to ask if she still had the journal as I think it was her turn when I remembered about it.  

I thought it would be interesting once upon a time but not sure how my style or writing would mesh with someone else’s or if it just wouldn’t work out.  WIth myself, I know that my original work is very, very, very rough.  Someone else might be a little more smoother.

I can imagine that it’s like roleplaying, only you’re writing a bit more than an average roleplayer might post about.

PS:  And what I see about Zoho Writer is that it can post to LJ, WordPress, Blogger and Typepad.  Wonder if I can add Dreamwidth since LJ and Dreamwidth are linked together.

Edit: Can’t get it to work with DW. And another thing I’ll have to figure out is if it allows you to make subject lines.