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Tuesday Tales

Posted in #TuesdayTales, flash fiction with tags on January 10, 2012 by Nellie

Tuesday Teaser ended at 8pm over at GlitterWord

There were some really awesome entries.

The image prompt is and the word is Defiant.

Beloved Companion

“She’s being a little monster.” The woman seethed.

“Honey, she’s just at that age. Maybe I can talk to her.” He tried to smooth things over.

“No one can talk to that defiant little brat.”

A sigh. “She’s a little girl. Please don’t call her that.” Knock, Knock. “Sera, may I come in?”

“NO! I don’t wanna!”

He cracked it open a little anyway, seeing the little girl sitting on the bed, with arms crossed and crooked pig tails. “Sweetie, I know you missed Mr. Whittle, but you shouldn’t have brought him back.”

A rattling rubbing purr against the legs.

100 words

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#Tuesday Tales – Challenge 21

Posted in #TuesdayTales, flash fiction with tags on December 27, 2011 by Nellie

Come on over to Glitterword for a Tuesday Tale.

The Secret Word is: Change

She ran through the park, breath panting out, hitting the curb and a huge puddle of water that had been there from the earlier rain. She could feel the hot breath on her neck but when she spun around, there wasn’t anything there. Her skin felt too tight, it hurt to wear clothing. Her skin was feverish. She was boiling inside her own skin. She didn’t know what had changed. Only that the chance meeting was more than she should have done. Laughter from the festival on the streets filtered over.

She gave a scream and a growl emerged.

99 words

Tuesday Tales 20

Posted in #TuesdayTales, flash fiction with tags , on December 20, 2011 by Nellie

Over at Glitterword. Flash Fiction contest is open until 8pm EST tonight.

The Secret word is: Snickerdoodle

The image is:

My entry:

The snickerdoodles were still warm on the counter when he went in. The house was silent. It was decorated for the season but he didn’t even hear any holiday music. His hand slipped to the guard on his gun as he closed the door quietly. On a frosted pane of window, there was a heart drawn by a finger. Heavy boots carried him into the living room and he peered around it. In the leather seat, legs crossed and covered in green stockings, dressed in a naughty santa outfit, she sat. Mistletoe danced off her hat.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”