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Row80 Check in – End of April

Posted in ROW80 with tags , on April 29, 2012 by Nellie

I actually am remembering to do the Check in for this moment (so far). I haven’t done much writing but I do need to finish a bunch of stories (of course). I spent the time returning comments and looking at other blogs for Teaser Tuesday (for books) and Friday Fictioneers for a flash challenge.

I’m hoping that I can keep up with things and return views and comments so I don’t need to fall back again. I would have been more productive this weekend but working on Saturday was longer than I wanted to and then I did housework today. I know, so exciting.

Getting back into using the Wii at least 3 days a week. I do Yoga and some the step exercises and the boxing.

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Row80 Check in

Posted in ROW80 with tags on April 18, 2012 by Nellie

Well I’ve got almost 2k words on the Red Riding Hood Story and I don’t think it will go longer than three. But it’s a cute little story. I need to work on my NaNo stories as well as getting things written up for a few other NaNos that I’m planning on working on. Haven’t gotten up to 500 words a night like I should yet. I get it once in a while but it’s not consistent.

Tonight I didn’t do much because of going to a book signing by a local author who just had his third book come out, Jon Sprunk. I actually do NaNo with his sister and dad. It was fun and I recommend the series.

That’s about it for this time.

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Row80 Check in

Posted in ROW80 with tags on April 11, 2012 by Nellie

It seems that writing long hand is working.  I have at least a thousand words on a story that I started last week and am typing up now.  So if I get stuck like I have been again, just pull out the paper and start writing it.  I’m at a point where I think that I can type in it if it’s a word document.  I haven’t used this method in a while but it seems that I’ll be using it again for when I’m in a rut with a story.

I’ve also started on the Wii again.  Trying to do between fifteen minutes to half an hour three days a week and trying to eat a lot healthier.  I have about 50-60 pounds that I need to lose and it would be better healthwise and get off some of the pills that I’m on.  Never too late to make life changes, right?

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Row80 – The beginning

Posted in ROW80, writing with tags on April 4, 2012 by Nellie

Needless to say, Round 1 of Row80 did NOT go as planned. About mid-February I petered out and I don’t know what was going on other than the urge to right was minimal and I just stared blankly at unfinished stories.

It sucked.

So, this month, I’m hoping to get back into things and a friend even suggested writing long hand. I did some writing today. I don’t know how many words as I haven’t typed it up yet but it’s something. Hopefully this Round will be a lot more productive than the last one.

And I still have a story to finish as well as come up with an idea for a Cthulhu Steampunk and an Icarus themed story. Hopefully starting out a story long hand will help with the stalling I’ve been having.

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ROW80 and Goals

Posted in #WIP500, ROW80 with tags , on April 2, 2012 by Nellie

Well, the last month and a half have been less than stellar on writing. I don’t know what it was. I think the blank screen has been a little intimidating, that I’ll sit and stare at it and try to type some words and hope that they make some sense. I’m hoping to get things moving again since my goals for the first round of ROW have been a big bag of fail. -_- I was hoping to get a better start yesterday but that didn’t work too well. Of course this past weekend I’ve been distracted.

I had to take my cat to the vet and found out that he had the start of a urinary tract infection and on top of that, he had an ulcer on his tongue. Cue me stressing out. Like I said, it was caught ahead of time but now I have to give him medicine for the UTI and tea to help heal the ulcer on his tongue. The next twenty-four to thirty-six hours I was sort of stressing because I’ve seen what happens if it’s too late to give medicine for that situation. When I was a kid, we had one cat that had to be put to sleep because the UTI was too far and he was blocked up and I remember the cat crying because he was in pain. But luckily, we found that he liked a certain soft food and scrambled eggs. Though now he knows that when I grab a towel, it’s never a good thing but I want him to get better. He’s only two years old so he still has some of his nine lives yet to live.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled, I want to try at least one of the stories that are due this week. And I there is a steampunk Cthulhu one that I need to think about that is due in June for an open call. Plus I need to work on my #WIP500 and get back into that habit again.

1. Finish Tattoo Story (will need to find a beta as well)
2. Write Cthulhu Steampunk story
3. Write 500 words a day for #WIP500
4. Just remembered that there is an Icarus themed anthology as well that I started. Need to find the file.
5. Whatever else comes up be it a short, flash fiction

What is Row80? You can check it out here. It’s all about being held accountable and having the support system to cheer you on.

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2/26 Row80 Check in

Posted in ROW80 with tags on February 26, 2012 by Nellie

Slowly getting back into writing daily again. I believe I wrote Wednesday, Thursday and Friday definitely. Yesterday I didn’t do anything because I was actually doing some research. I was also playing around on Tumblr yesterday to. There are some really neat pictures that could be used as prompts.

I had the opportunity to shoot a .45-70 rifle and a .45 revolver which was very fun. I have never fired a real gun before. I did this because in my NaNo Novel, my one character is an expert in long range and I really kind of stalled multiple times when I was writing because I had no clue really how to handle a guy or fire or anything like that was important to have in gun knowledge. So one of the guys in my book club offered to get in touch with a friend of his who has a rifle. They are both in a Sportsman Club.

So I got to load it, fire and get an idea of how to handle a gun as well as do a house clearing, to get an idea of how to deal with intruders in the home and how to be careful and aware of the placing around me. This afternoon I was at my D&D group and frankly, after holding the rifle and firing at least 20 times and about 5-10 on the revolver, my shoulders are sore from my arms being up like that.

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Row80 – Trying to make up

Posted in ROW80 with tags on February 22, 2012 by Nellie

Well, I’ve been doing okay so far. Only okay. Three days in a row I have managed to keep up with #WIP500. I have done crap on editing last year’s Camp NaNo like I wanted to. I’m about 30 pages in on a 200 hundred page document (and I didn’t even finish the story, which I need to do as well). I’m been doing flash fiction consistently so at least that’s something, bits and pieces that it is. I’d also been sucking about doing ROW80 updates. Ugh. I need to get out of my funk.

I have two stories that are due at the end of March and I’m currently stalled on both of them. I need to sit down and figure out what to do with them, I really do. I don’t know why I’m so bad at finishing something that is considered a long piece. Maybe going out once a week like I had before to write. It helped to actually get me focused. At home it’s just too easy to get distracted with all the things. Except Angry Birds. Angry Birds are everywhere! 🙂

Also, I SO want to see this: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. I haven’t read the book though. I do have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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