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A decade ago

Posted in Remembrance on September 11, 2011 by Nellie

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been that long since the towers came down. The question that is going around is do you remember where you were?

I was at work downtown and had just been working on general work things. I was able to get a radio signal on my radio and I was listening to Howard Stern. Next thing I know, in the background, I was hearing how he was screaming and saying how a plane hit the first tower. I think I sat there just listening, not sure what exactly was going on. Then I started to e-mail a friend to see if she was hearing the same thing.

I don’t think much about what I did. At one point she e-mailed me and told me to make myself sick so that they would let me go home as there was no word about what we were doing and my building has public access.

I didn’t have to as they gave us an early release and told us to go home. Harrisburg has a large state employee workforce so when everyone goes home at the same time, it’s a mess. I was car pooling with someone and it took about forty-five minutes to get her dropped off and then another hour before I got home myself and then it was spending the night watching news coverage.

The two planes into the towers, the plane that hit the pentagon and then Flight 93 that crashed in Western PA.

It was bone chilling.

Here is to those who lost their lives, a needless loss. I’m not a largely religious person but maybe they still rest in peace and to their families.