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Row 80 Check In / Last Day Of NaNo

Posted in nanowrimo2011, ROW80 on November 30, 2011 by Nellie

I really should do these posts during the day and not at the last minute but either way, here it is. I’m currently watching Big Bang on TBS and listening to the cats jump around like nuts. And don’t ask me why some tails go flying by floofed out. Our one cat seems…special. But she’s a cutie.

I finished NaNo early for once. Usually I’m going up until the last minute and flailing, saying how much it sucks and that I’m never going to finish it. There was one year where I was literally going to the last minute. Staying up late on a work night trying to get the last words in. Yeah, that’s never fun.

Good luck and congratulations to all my other NaNo Peeps who have finished or are still working on their words.

For the past week I’ve been using the word sprints to work on the Mini-NaNo which is one of the projects I pledged to do for Row 80, so it all works out.

Of course, NaNo ends and the Christmas season has picked up. Half the stuff I’m doing for Christmas is going to be cheaper and/or homemade. And now I’m in a crunch to get that done because I was a dink and didn’t start it earlier in the year like I wanted to.

On top of trying to finish what I need to for Row. Oh boy, I really stepped into it this time.

But stop by the other Row 80 Peeps, for they are cool and have lots of knowledge. 🙂


Caturday Fever

Posted in Caturday, nanowrimo2011 on November 26, 2011 by Nellie

This is how I won’t be come November 30th. For once.

funny pictures - HURRY!!! WE ONLY HAVE A FEW SECONDS LEFT!!!1!!!111!
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I don’t think I’ve ever been done this early before. Especially the last few years, I’ve been going up to the very last day to get the NaNo over the 50k mark. Not that I’m making fun of people that do this. Trust me. I was there twice, one of which I was counting down the MINUTES to get my validation in before it closed down after Midnight for December 1st.

It is not a fun place to be.

I actually crossed over yesterday but today I wrote some more so I’m at this spot right here.

51512 / 50000

I’d like to thank my fellow members on Team Dino for last Sunday when we had our Online Night of Writing Dangerously where I finished the night with almost 10k.


Turkey Eve NanRow 80

Posted in nanowrimo2011, ROW80 on November 23, 2011 by Nellie

So it’s almost Thanksgiving, technically and I’m working on a post because I’m all about the last minute stuff. Heh.

NaNo: Have about 1500 words yet to write. Again, thanks to the big writing I did on Sunday as part of Team Dino. And now I’m just strolling across the line, doing a little here and there. I wrote about 800 words today. According to the stats, to finish on time, I could write about 200 words a day if I wanted to. Now that is the REALLY lazy way.

My mini Nano has gone over the limit but it seems like I’m getting a feel for the quirks of the characters before I yank out parts that are totally not necessary.

I’m on track with my Row 80 Obligations.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and if you don’t celebrate it, have a great day regardless. Stay safe. Some of those people are crazy drivers out there.

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Row and NaNo – Check in

Posted in nanowrimo2011, ROW80 on November 20, 2011 by Nellie

Well, tonight is interesting. It started out with only one other person showing up at the Write In I was doing and he wasn’t really worried with crossing 50k because he was so far behind but at least he showed up.

Plus I had the start of a bad headache. It’s kind of throbbing right now but it went down from before. It sucks to get a headache when you know you have things to do but are in too much pain to really do much to concentrate on. I was lucky to get my base word count then.

So I came home, kind of ‘meh’ about things. But I sighed up for an on-line Night of Writing Dangerously that some of the people who ran a NaNo sprint room were hosting. There are even prizes of a paid LJ journal for a year, icons, custom design or what not. Pretty cute prizes that was cool of them to do. I went into it not really thinking much of it. Well, I’m currently on Hour 4 and in those 4 hours have written about 5k of words. I’m doing this post taking a break from the sprinting games that they are doing.

It’s Dinos vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas.

It’s very fun. I MIGHT even cross 50k tonight. And if I do, I get my team (the Dinos, RAWR) 10k in points.

Right now those sneaky Ninjas are ahead but just wait, the Dino team will stomp both them and the Pirates.

*Dino chest bump*

^.^ We do stuff like that in the chat…but it is fun. There are people who came in very far behind but even they are finding that the sprinting has given them several thousand words to their novel.

So if you are needing some inspiration to add to your word count, I suggest finding a sprint room. Really, you don’t realize how much you can do when you’re not sitting there thinking about it.

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NaNoRow Update

Posted in nanowrimo2011, ROW80 on November 13, 2011 by Nellie

I think I burned myself out a little yesterday or it was the fact that I didn’t have anything to do or be today. I only had a write in yesterday and I wrote almost five thousand for my NaNo story and then wrote another thousand for my short story. That can be attributed to lots of word sprints on Twitter and on AIM and then two #1k1hr with someone who was new to NaNo this year.

Today I just did the minimum and left it at that. And did laundry. (so exciting, I know.) I also dropped off some meat the a local wolf sanctuary. We didn’t realize the one freezer hadn’t been on for a few days until it was opened and then there was half thawed meat. So, we cleaned out the freezer (which it needed anyway) and it went to a good cause. Support your local wolfies. 😀 There is also a big cat sanctuary up north that I’d like to go see too. I love big cats.

I do need to update my word widgets to the side. Thank you everyone who chimed in on tips to help out. 🙂

Of course, a lot of things were dulled this past week after the sex scandal that broke the news at PSU. *sigh* It sucks, the choices that adults made in stopping it sucked and it puts a cloud over a well known school in my state because supposedly responsible adults didn’t make the correct decisions and some dickhead took advantage of the kids that were looking to him for support. (Please pardon the language.) But, if you’ve been following the news on that, I don’t need to rehash what’s going on with it.

And that’s my Sunday. How it went so fast and tomorrow is the start of another work week.

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Row Row Row ROW80 update

Posted in nanowrimo2011, ROW80 on November 9, 2011 by Nellie

I’m doing this later than I usually am. I went up tonight and went to visit the horses since I hadn’t had a chance last week. The nice thing is that we now have lights in the outside ring so we can ride or drive if we want. I am still getting used to the Daylight savings though. It’s just that much harder to get out of bed when the alarm goes off because it’s still dark out. I don’t know why we do Daylight Savings really because teh farmers get up at 4 in the morning anyway, whether it’s light or dark. Eh, go figure.

Writing – Going pretty steady on my ROW commitment with the short story. Holding with between 300-400 words a day on it so I feel good about it. Granted, I know I’ll be cutting stuff but that is for then, this is now.

NaNo – I’m still going along even though the last two chapters I have not really felt enthused about at all. I know what the problem is. At least one of them is that this is a whole new word for me by using a Steampunk setting and I’m used to panting a lot. With this, using the same setting for different writings, I need to have some constants such as why this happens there or over there. So it takes some plotting. Which I haven’t done. Also, my one character is pretty good with a long rifle and doing distance shots. I’m not really familiar with guns as I”ve never handled one. That’s something that I’m going to have to research and elaborate on after this is all over. And since I’m not familiar with it, I think that’s what is slowing me down right now. Once I move past it, I’ll hopefully be better about the story.

I’ve also gotten into another flash fiction today. I’ve done one at Glitterword every Tuesday now and I found that there is also a Hump Day Flash fiction over at Tracey’s Tavern. Who knows what I might get out of doing those quick flashes.

On a blogging note, does anyone who uses WordPress know how to get a word counter widget to show on the side bar. I looked all over and I must be missing something on how to set it up. :/

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ROW 80 Check In – NaNo Update

Posted in nanowrimo2011, ROW80 on November 6, 2011 by Nellie


I somehow wrote 2200 words today for my NaNo even though I spent most of the five hours messing around and playing games. I used Twitter to do a few word sprints so maybe that helped. That and when I actually put some music on the play, it went a little though I seem to be in a lull for my chapter. It’s kind of boring but then I threw in an extra character that is going to mess things up a bit. I did a little excerpt of my NaNo for Six Sentence Sunday this morning from the beginning section of it.

ROW 80:

I have an additional 3000 words on my story so I have another 12000 to go. Though I do want to try to get my goal early so that will be about 2500 words a week, averaging around 350-400 words a day. Not TOO bad really. Simple in the scheme of things of what I’m doing with NaNo. I might have had a little less to finish but the past couple of days I’ve just been averaging 250 words or so. Need to just buck up and do it. ;p

As well as catch up on reading some blogs that I’ve wanted to read. I really need to work on my time management skills.

Add that I want to get in the Wii and exercise more. And I have a big pile on my TBR books.

Hmm… Yeah, this is going to be interesting for the month. If you see me gibbering by Christmas, just put a blanket over me and make sure that I have some warm tea to drink.

On a non-writing note: Sherlock Holmes, December 16th!!!

I love me some RDJ. ^.^

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