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Friday Picture show

Posted in #FridayPictureShow, flash fiction with tags , on March 16, 2012 by Nellie

Come join us at Friday Picture Show and write your 100 words. You have until 8pm EST tonight!

It was after the earthquake that things started changing. Along the shores, there was someone who saw the great fin surfacing in the water and retreating. It ate land, it ate water. Either way, it hovered at the edge, the large sinewy body swimming in nothingness. Its many eyes watched as humanity scrambled, lunching and snapping planes and helicopters out of the air.

The gargantuan shark would lift its head and gaze at those on the land, large teeth gleaming. It was eating away the Earth and it had all the time in space and time. Humanity was soon extinct.

100 words


Friday Picture Show Flash

Posted in #FridayPictureShow, flash fiction with tags , on February 24, 2012 by Nellie

This weeks’s #FridayPictureShow has a pretty cool pic for a prompt.

Sanza stood in place as the masked figure brought up the smoking barrels of the gun after using it on the man guiding her through the maze. She couldn’t see any features. The plumed hat obscured the eyes even as she felt their weight.

Her eyes looked to the gun, the gun wisping off the barrels and she took a step back. The click of the hammer being pulled back stopped her in her tracks. She swallowed with difficulty, her scream stuck in her throat like a lodged stone. She could run. She couldn’t outrun the blast of the gun.

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