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The End of NaNoWriMo 2012

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Well, it is the end of the month (and a few days) and I have survived yet another NaNo. Barely.

1: Keep up with NaNo and use the blog to keep track, maybe even give a six sentence snippet with each post.

Final word count is 50,226.

I just barely got to that and the last few thousand words, I thought I might have repeated myself a time or two. This year was a little more difficult because the characters were speaking to me a few months ago when I thought of the idea. Yet once I started writing, they went quiet. And mid-month, I sort of started to hate what I was writing. I wasn’t pleased with the flow or how things went so slow that I had to throw in stuff just to make it more interesting to me to write. It’s going to be put away and I’ll just let it simmer. I might bring it out at some point and rewrite parts of it and pull the story out like I wanted to so that I like it again.

2: Work more on expanding the world that I’m basing my story on. (Most people would do this as prep, you know before NaNo. Not me, OH No!).

With the way things were with this past NaNo, I’m taking a bit of a break from writing steampunk. I’ve been writing it as NaNo for the past two years and I think I’m pushing too much on it so I’m going to write Fantasy, Urban Fantasy or horror to give myself a break and then come back a little more fresh to tackle the world building I need.

3: Keep to the blogging 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri).

Eh, this was up and down this month and then I had gone on vacation and didn’t have constant access to the internet since I was visiting my family. I’m going to try to pick it up again now. Never mind that December is just as busy with things as November is.

4: On top of NaNo, keep up with the flash fiction contests all week.

Umm.. I did half the flashes I usually do. I’ll take that small amount of success.

5. Actually pulling out my older NaNos and work on editing them, even if it is a page at a time.

This didn’t happen as much as I would have liked.

So far, my first #WriteMotivation goals…didn’t happen as much as I would have liked them to and that is on me. I read some of the blogs but when it comes to commenting, I never know what to say than “That’s great” or “yeah, me too!” I need to work on that.

One thing with NaNo and the reason why I’m glad that it’s over is I have time to read again. I read a book in two days because I wanted to unwind from NaNo. Until Camp NaNo next year.


Nightgale the 1st

Posted in #Nightgale, challenges with tags on January 5, 2012 by Nellie

Keats: “That I might drink, and leave the world unseen, And with thee fade away into the forest dim:” (Ode To A Nightingale)

January Blog Challenge

“There is nothing there.” Chandra frowned at Sam.

The girls sat on the swinging porch, taking turns pushing bare feet.

“Yes, there is. I’ve seen it every night. I think it’s a stalker but mom just yells at me and goes back to watching her tv.” A grimace and Sam turned a heavy switchblade around in her hands, thumb sliding up and down the onyx handle. “I think that she’d only notice if I was gone when there isn’t so much laundry to do.”

“You do most of it yourself, anyway.”

“Exactly.” Sam gave a shrug and pushed a flop of light brown hair out of her face.

“Well, here then.” Chandra reached down to where her bag sat and pulled out a bottle. “The good stuff. Trust me, you’ll like it.”

Sam made a face and glanced around before opening the bottle and taking a swing of it. “Blech, why does it taste so acrid.”

“It’s supposed to taste like that. After a few more sips, you won’t mind it.” Chandra smiled and stared at her, watching as her friend paled.

“You want some?” Sam offered the bottle back to her.

“No, I shouldn’t. They are checking me when I come home. I can keep it here, right?”

Another shrug and Sam took a sip before shoving the bottle back at her friend and leaning over the banister to vomit over what was left of her mother’s roses.

“Oh and maybe it was the poison I put in that makes it seem bad. Seems that you do have someone watching but…” Chandra snorted “I want him. He’s totally cute. He says he’s some kind of fae. I don’t remember. You were the one who was always interested in that. But he’s going to make me a god damn princess and I don’t have to listen to anyone every again. Cause I’ll be in charge. “ She grinned, getting up to pat Sam on the back. “Toodles, babe. Maybe I’ll name a wing of my new castle after you.”

And to edit yesterday’s post: A minimum of 200 words for the challenge. My fault on that. Enjoy!

Another challenge

Posted in challenges on October 20, 2011 by Nellie

Well, the 3rd campaign challenge is up for the Write Campaign. I’ll need to work on that.

Right now, I’m thinking of taking up another challenge. (Because I seem to like torturing myself.)

I found the link through a fellow writer campaigner’s journal, Barbara. It’s A Round of Words in 80 days. Set a goal for yourself and write for 80 days to make that goal. Sounds simple, right? Just need to not make the word goal too impossible. I missed the start so it’s already two weeks into Round 4 but I’m not going to make my goal too impossible. The challenge will take me all the way to mid-December.

Now with NaNo, a small goal would be easy. SO! These will be in addition to what I’m writing for NaNo. (Cause I’m crazy.)

My Goal: To write about 15,000 words. That would be about a good two short stories.