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Worldbuilding Blog Hop – Day 5: Worldbuilding Excerpt

Posted in Blog Hop, steampunk world, World Building with tags , , , on February 2, 2013 by Nellie

Wow, that was a fast week. This is the last day of Sharon Bayliss’s bloghop to celebrate her new book, The Change being released.

Today is pulling everything together from the past week and breathing that life into your world. Since yesterday I talked about Carnivale, I thought I would pull an excerpt from the Camp NaNo that I started involving that culture (but didn’t finish).

Tersha wound through the crowds, keeping a hand on the revolver that was hanging on her hips. The broad brimmed hat was pulled low. She wasn’t a fan of coming to Carnivale but she was hired to make a pick up and make sure it was transported safely back to the Isles. It wasn’t her prime client but she was asked to do it as a favor.

And it was a favor for a Highborn, no less. She made a face and pushed her way through the crowds. She didn’t have very much money on her so if a pickpocket wanted to try their luck, they were welcome to try. She disliked the tight crowds. Ever since the meteors hit, people moved further away from the open areas where there might be ruins that came back to life and into the cities. The capital state of Carnivale was crowded enough before it happened. According to the books that remained to tell of it, that is.

Her contact was supposed to be by the Café Délicieux, but other than that, she had nothing else to go on. Just that ‘they would find her’. Tersha made a face and stumbled out onto a clearer spot on the sidewalk, even as the revelry kept moving behind her, a living mass of flesh. There was a table that wasn’t claimed by anyone and she took it for herself, sitting down.

There was too much chaos to the town, everything was unpredictable. The party was too easy to get lost in. Anyone could do anything and it wouldn’t take much to disappear again with no one the wiser. She frowned at nothing and anything.

The scrape of the chair drew her attention and she jerked out of her revelry and looked over as someone in a full face mask and hat sat down. She couldn’t tell if the person was male or female. The garments were bulky. A black fan was snapped open and waved back and forth.

“Are you the per-“

A gloved finger was held up and waved back and forth. Dark eyes from within the mask gleamed. The finger stopped and pointed to the dancing.

Tersha made a face and glanced towards the crowd again. “I’m not much of dancer. Don’t know how anyone could do anything in that mass.” She looked back at her companion from the corner of the eye.

The fan was almost hypnotic. It didn’t change pace. Just back and forth, back and forth, stirring very little of the air. Tersha tried to keep her gaze moving around, looking over at the person who was sitting across from her. She didn’t even know if they were male or female. The mask was elegant and colorful with delicate lines of swirls in intricate designs. Her eyes kept stopping on the fan. Her eyelids fluttered and closed. Tersha jerked her head and rubbed at her face. She was feeling tired and she didn’t know why. She glanced over again and the person was staring at the crowd with the smiling mask. The fan that moved with barely a roll of the wrist.

Her eyelids felt like there was something pulling them down. Maybe just for a minute. Closer her eyes and get to talking. She didn’t have time to waste like this. Tersha was on a deadline. Her eyes snapped open when she felt cool metal on her cheek. Everything was sideways. Tersha’s head jerked up and she looked around. The celebration was going on. And her companion was gone.

Sitting on the middle of the table was a small box with an envelope.

Even as I pulled this I made some changes to the original text but it is still in a very rough form. Hope you had fun with this week of Worldblogging!

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Worldbuilding Blog Hop – Day 4: Food, Drinks, Holiday and Culture

Posted in Blog Hop, steampunk world, World Building with tags , , , on January 31, 2013 by Nellie

I almost forgot about this because I was trying to organize some things. So now it’s 11:30 and I hadn’t done anything productive in regards to this today.

Since my world is based on an Alternate realm of the same and back a few centuries, I figured it would be boring to talk about the food and drinks, since it would be something that you could find today with some alterations. Moonshine is possible, people eat fancy foods like steak and something simple like oatmeal or your basic foods. And it’s all based on the culture of that particular continent.

Let’s talk about Carnivale. In today’s world, Carnivale happens in two places, Brazil and Venice. Carnivale is where everyone breaks out the sequins and feathers and extravagant floats and extravagant foods before Lent where everyone lets their hair down.

In my world, there is no longer a Brazil. The country is named Carnivale and it has spread to beyond the normal barriers. While there is a time when they do have their standard celebrations, twice a year. Once during the second month of the year and another one to celebrate their freedom of country during the ninth month of the year. Carnivale is actually a country of intrigue. It isn’t surprising that there are some deals that take place during the celebrations as well as every day. All the politicians wear masks and disguise themselves. It’s all very cloak and dagger how they can be, while the people who do their day to day lives are unknowing. If there is a place to try to do some political havoc, Carnivale is the place to do it. Just beware because tempers can flare up and they are a passionate people.

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Worldbuilding Blog Hop – Day 3: Religion and Magic

Posted in Blog Hop, steampunk world, World Building with tags , , , on January 30, 2013 by Nellie

This might be a short post because this has been an emotionally exhausting day. I helped a friend say good-bye to her cat who has helped her get through some tough times. He was a talker and a lover and his voice will be missed in the house.

So, Religion and Magic is today’s topic

Yesterday I talked about how that due to a meteor shower, Gods and spirits started to rise up again. All gods, all Nationalities. There are some that aren’t as prolific that are trying to survive in the New World were they have to compete with others.

This has also caused new factions to start up, such as competing Druidic Circles in the English and Ireland Islands. Everything is still new so I will be working on them as I go. Lousiana and Haiti have a very strong VooDoo following, both Marie Laveau and Baron Samedi, good and bad. Mexico and South America have seen the rise of Aztec and Mayan groups and those groups do get involved in human sacrifice.

There hasn’t been much magic at the moment but if there is some, it’s kept quiet. People will not openly use magic unless they are shaman/cleric or any other. I’m still working that part out if I’ll have much at all or if there is magic, it’s more connected to how the steampunk factors into things, such as a sentient clockwork horse that pulls a wagon train through the mid-west or the Ostrich like transports used to move people along the Louisiana territory because they can maneuver through the smaller streets of the towns.

WorldBuilding Blog Hop – Day 2: History and Politics

Posted in Blog Hop, steampunk world, World Building with tags , , on January 29, 2013 by Nellie

It it is Day 2 of Sharon Bayliss’s Worldbuilding Blog Hop in honor of her upcoming novel, The Charge.

History and Politics is where I’m very weak in my story world. So, I’m going to throw something out there that I’m sure needs some work but it’s what is in my head at the moment. So I will go with a bit of the history that makes for some interesting times.

As with the creatures that roam the land and the sky, so do the dead and spirits. No one knows when exactly that the spirits of the deceased and Gods had started to appear for people to see. It could have been the great Meteor Shower forty years ago where the projectiles screamed through the atmosphere and made multiple hits on the ground. What made it a great Meteor shower was that it involved the entire planet. It wasn’t just a section of the country or a different continent. Everyone was witness to the sight as the meteors streamed through the air like falling stars. It left behind an aurora borealis effect.

People thought it was just a very strange phenomenon until they would go to their places of worship and see spectres of their gods. Or protective spirits being visible. Those of the truly faithful swarmed to the churches, their faith renewed while others took the other path.

There are some areas that were especially hard hit by a larger meteor. They seemed to be focused to certain areas such as the Mayan ruins, Aztec Ruins, North of Japan, the center of Africa, in the sea between the southern States of United America and Haiti. Old Gods that had been relegated to the text books came forward. People have claimed to see Baron Samedi. Quetzalcoatl has been seen around the ruins of the Aztecs. Japanese temples have their guardian spirits that protect the monks from evil.

Each section of the world has their own religion and there are also the splinter religions that have come forth because of the appearances. No one knows if the Gods will remain or if they will fade away. It’s something that they will have to wait and see.

Edit: And I keep forgetting to put in the link for the others.

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World Building Blog Hop – Day 1: Geography & Climate

Posted in Blog Hop, steampunk world, World Building with tags , , on January 28, 2013 by Nellie

So this is Day One of The World Building Blogfest, hosted by Sharon Bayliss. There is still time to sign up as this will go to February 1st. Today is Geography and Climate. (Just click on the graphic above.)

I wasn’t sure what world I was going to use but considering that I do want to build my Steampunk world a little more, I thought I would go for that. I don’t have a map updated with the different areas as I don’t have the skill with Photoshop and my drawing is horrible. I’ll get to it and perhaps have a friend do it since she is much better at photo manipulation than I am. I’m not sure what to call the world either. A Steampunk World AU? Ugh. I’m so bad at titles.

Anyway, the world I use for my Steampunk stories is actually the world. Just an alternative version of it. So you can look at the United States and while the shape is the same overall, the lines are a little different and we’re looking at it from the perspective of 1800 to very early 1900s. Territory lines are in effect but they are a little different.

Canada and the US are one. The area is called United North America. (I even have tentative maps drawn up but I am unable to find them at the moment). Most of the population keeps to the Coasts as it is more civilized than the land in between. From about Ohio to Utah, that is more of a wild area that is more open and is prone to have more attacks when it comes to robbers attacking the trains or the Native American people. And while there is use of the wagon trail and Pony Express for transportation of mail and people, they use mechanical horses for the long distances are more durable than real horses and have no need to stop unless there is an overheating issue or an error where there has been sabotage.

Anyone that wants to take advantage of stealing from anything like that needs to keep up so it would not be unusually to see a train robber or a small hunting party of Native Americans has one or two mechanical clockwork horses that they managed to either acquire or build themselves. If they don’t want to risk the land, there is always the sky. There are a variety of sky ships that travel above the land to small sloops to heavy armored military ships that use the use of propellers and solar sails to keep afloat.

The sky has its own dangers. There are pirates that haunt the sky and if one is a heavily laden merchant ship taking goods to the Coasts, don’t be surprised if the ship is targeted. The pirates have their own fortress that no law official has yet to target because there are rumors that is moves from place to place. Never to be seen in the same place very often. It is run by the notorious Cog Pirate, a person who has tormented different ships for a few decades now.

If the pirates don’t get a person, the lightning birds can provide a danger to the delicate balloons and solar sails of ships. They fly among the clouds that are thickest with electrostatic charges and soak in the electricity that is generated. They aren’t aggressive birds unless a fool-hardy captain chooses to fly into the clouds instead of going higher into the atmosphere or finding a place to dock until the storm passes. Should a ship get close, the birds will attack as they feel the ship is invading their territory. Sharp beaks and claws are detrimental to balloons and solar sails and any repairs will be costly if the ship survives through the storm and manages to land safely.

Do you want to fly the friendly skies? 🙂

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