Mid-November NaNo Madness

Wow, I know I said I needed to post more but we see how well that is doing.  I’m trying to get back into healthy writing habits, such as daily writing, even if it is only a couple hundred words a day.  I need to do it.   If I’m ever to get all my half finished works finished, I need to do something.

Even if it is to go out somewhere to Panera, it gets me out of the house and off the extremely comfortable couch.  It is a deadly thing, this couch, sucking me in with it’s sweet siren song of comfiness.

I haven’t worked on NaNo yesterday due to a family issue and I had my mind on other things than writing but they seemed to be resolved now.   So I definitely need to work on that.  I’m at the 16k mark so while the halfway marks is four days away, I need to come up with 2500 approximately to get there.

There was something that I’ve been sitting on and stewing about.  I am in a writing group that meets every two months.  It’s that far because while it had been bigger, because of changing to a different location that might be a little harder to get to (We used to meet at B&N until they did their restructure and added the kids toys), we are down to four people.   There is one member who tried and tried and tried to pitch a book that he had written and never got any solid bites.  There were some nibbles but that’s about it.  So he self-published himself.  Which there is nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes people are more successful.   At the meeting, we were talking about how publishing is changing, with small press and self publishing being an option for people who can’t get into the big houses.   He talked about his experience and about how he isn’t sure if he would do anything with small press.

Then he talked about how there are only 4 copies sold of his book, that he didn’t really promote himself, has only 40 or so twitter follows and didn’t do anything much to let it be known that he had a book out.   He was in an anthology that was recently release, TV Gods.  It really is a good book and has a lot of interesting stories, most of them by local authors in my area.  It’s a small pub press and he was complaining about how they weren’t really engaging people to buy the book when they were at Balticon.   I wasn’t there so I can’t really judge.   But I’m sitting there thinking that he didn’t do anything to really engage the reading community, or offer a copy or two to book bloggers and be more aggressive at promoting himself beyond a few tweets or so.   But he felt comfortable complaining about someone else was promoting their stuff and wasn’t going with small press with any of his work.   I guess he wants to go big or go home.  Which is a shame, because I enjoy the small press books as much as the big house books.

I was just thinking that he really can’t complaining when he’s not doing the work.  In the publishing industry these days, the author does a good chunk of their own promoting.   Yes, the Publisher puts out e-mails and talks about their new releases but it’s the author who is drumming up the business for their own book as the hook.  If you want your book to sell, you can’t just sit back and expect it to sell itself or anyone else to pimp your book out if you don’t do anything.

It’s the nature of the beast and always seems to be changing.  If I ever have something out, no matter the venue, I know what not to do and that’s nothing.

Of course, I can’t count these words towards my NaNo.  Darn it.  🙂


4 Responses to “Mid-November NaNo Madness”

  1. Hmmm, good luck to anyone who “thinks” they will get an agent (that’s the only way to sell to big houses).

    As for the mini-publishers, again, you definitely have to do a lot of work, and double check what your publisher does. My very last book with my micro-mini publisher was edited, it would seem, by his three-year old. I found lots of mistakes in it. And he put the wrong title on the spine. Boy was I happy to be shed of him! I became Indie last summer. Not that I’m making the money. I have not found the magic spell to find readers–and not other writers, by the way, just readers!

    Happy to see you’ve posted. Have missed seeing your posts. I’m currently finishing up two novels I’ve been working on for about a year, got 4th in series out and hope to get 5th one out. Hope you get through the month (;

    • Good luck on getting your novels out. Looking forward to them. 🙂
      And I’m behind (again) but I have some personal issues that threw me off for two days so I need to do catch up. Sprints are going to be my friend.

  2. I’m a big fan of the smaller presses. All of my contracts state that an author has to do promo as well. One of my publishers gives me great exposure. It’s always a treat to see one of my books across the splash page. I’ve tried other small presses and everyone of them is different on how they promote the author. Ultimately, it still comes down to the author doing the work. Success doesn’t fall into your lap. You have to work for it.

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