Weekend Hustle

So, it’s yet another Friday night. Where do they all go. I should have something thought up but I don’t. Not much of a surprise but then I’ve been feeling crappy today. I don’t know if I picked up something that someone already had or what. I thought I only had a mild case of the ‘blahs’ last week and got over them but I’ve been feeling exhausted today.

As much I sort of sat at my desk at work staring blankly at the computer when I could have been working on words. As such, nothing really got done. It could be that the weather flip flops. That always makes me feel tired and blech because the weather isn’t making up it’s mind and it’s usually during that time that I get sick. Not stay in bed sick, well maybe a day, but just a run down have zero energy but still enough to get going kind of sick.

The sick that makes you sort of cranky but the effort to be cranky at people is even too much.

I seem to have started off the month like that as I’ve only written once or twice. And I’ve seen some open calls for shorts that I should get on if I want to make a go at this writing thing. Head, meet desk (or table in this case).

I think after this post I will be going to be because in the two hundred words that I’ve written, I’ve yawned like three times. Usually a sign to give up the ghost for the night. Tomorrow, maybe I can wake the muse from the warm covers and see if she wants to do something. Plus i have a few challenges that I need to write for. Hopefully something coherent will come out of it.

Though yet another set of characters has popped into my head. Luckily I’m not quite sure how to describe them or their actions quite yet onto paper. They can stay up there until I’m ready for something different.

I can say that I am NOT looking forward to the time change this weekend and losing an hour of sleep. I’m glad to see Spring show up but that part sucks.

Have a great weekend.

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