Midweek Hump

It’s Hump Day and another day down. I have to say that I’ve been bad. Tonight is the first I’ve written for this month period. That’s bad. But things have been getting hectic at work so when I get home, my energy is half shot and trying to think of twists and turns. Bleh. I have felt it, at the back of my head “I should be writing. I need to get that story done.” The mind is more willing than the body. I’m hoping to remedy that a bit. Even with the work schedule that is looming on the horizon.

The final tally for February is 25,214.

The starting tally for March is 768. Hopefully this is just a slow start. <a hrefCamp NaNo is starting up next month and the one thing that has changed. Instead of 50,000 words being the goal, you can put the number that you feel will work for you. So it is very relaxed this year which is nice. So on top of getting back into writing every night, I have to work on what story I'm going to work on.

Maybe sitting at the dining room table will help with writing when I'm taking breaks from making things. I know going out to places like Panera Bread can help too because it gets me out and sitting on my butt. Though one of my favorite places, Atlanta Bread Company, closed. And they didn't announce it or anything. Just locked the doors and cleaned out the place. I found out by reading an article in the paper. They had some really yummy French Onion soup. Ah well.

What are your favorite places to go out when you need to get away from your own set up at home?


One Response to “Midweek Hump”

  1. I don’t go out to write. Heck, I try to avoid going out. For me, it’s home or nothin’.

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