Monday Mixer and a bit of blues

I don’t think I’ll be writing much else tonight. I wanted to make sure that I had my Mixer up for the day. I don’t know if I have a bit of the bug that is going around. I’ve had zero energy to write or do anything else. I’m hoping that it goes away because I hate being sick. And tired. The past couple of days I’ve been calling it bedtime really early. It was a struggle to finish my half-nano, though I did it. I’m ready for Spring now.

Anyway, here is my Mixer. Enjoy!

The profligate satyr cackled as he carried the wiggling woman over his shoulder, throwing out caltrops behind him.

The woman screamed and clawed at his back before giving lucky kick to the stomach. He groaned and stumbled, sending the woman tumbling to the ground.

“Screaming won’t help you. Your man will come across my presents and find it hard to get to the hillock. Once we past through the doorway there, anyone will be hard pressed to find you.”

She pushed herself up, glaring at the fae creature. “I have no man. I am perfectly capable of defending myself.” She pulled out a large dagger. “I’m not the wailing, helpless women that you are used to in days of old.

The satyr looked from her face to the dagger and back before waving his hand. “Came at me, little warrior. Let’s see what you got.”

She growled, rushing at him.


6 Responses to “Monday Mixer and a bit of blues”

  1. Thanks for the tidbit. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Like this! I can a battle ensuing with plenty of passion and fury on both sides!

  3. Really good, an action clip which I would love to know more about.

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