Monday Mixer and Days off aren’t always relaxing

It’s Monday Mixer time.

“Don’t expect anyone to come help you. This arboretum is on private property. I’m also the only one who has the key to the manacle. Give me what I want.” The blonde man sneered at the dryad.

“I told you, there is nothing that I can give you. I’m not a genie or a leprechaun. And they are even more dangerous.” Shehana looked down at the red mark around her ankle from the iron. “You are wasting my time and yours. The only thing important to me is my tree.”

“You’re lying. I’m supposed to believe that you have nothing at all?” He asked her, derisive. “Oh wait, you don’t have any power at all. It’s only the tree. I’ve read about dryads. You have a special powers.”

Shehana shifted her gaze to the tree. Branches moved towards them, shifting into a solid spike of wood. “Believe what you want.”

I had the day off due to Presidents’ Day and I spent most of it running around and doing little errands. I think I was finished around three but I didn’t get the kind of writing that I wanted to get done like I had intended to. It happens. That’s usually what happens. There are things that need to be done that always take a back seat to either work or the weekends.

I’m having a bit of an issue in that I saw that there is a chance to try for an anthology and I have a story that could work but as I try to rework it, it is going very slow. And the story is due on March 1st. Nothing worse than having a close deadline and the characters have decided that they are being stubborn. On top of that there is a bit of murder mystery too it. :/ Maybe tomorrow will be better.


2 Responses to “Monday Mixer and Days off aren’t always relaxing”

  1. A bit of murder mystery is a *good* thing. From my perspective, anyway!

    Good luck!

  2. Did you get it all together by the first?

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