I think I can, I think I can

Wow, my last post actually had a bunch of likes on it. I don’t know if it as for the Anti-Valentine’s Day rhetoric or the bagel recipe. If it’s the recipe, I can do it again next week. Maybe find something that I am trying out and post it. Heh. Either that or it was just a plain fluke. Either way, it was pretty cool to see.

ANYWAY! I think this might be an actual writing post. Woohoo! (Of course, watch me choke on writing something.)

I’ve been taking part in what could be termed as a 1/2 NaNo. There are some of us who have used a chat during NaNo that thought it would be fun to just write 25k during the month of November. It’s casual. No stress and it’s about 800 words a day. That’s not to bad actually when it comes down to it. I figured why not. I’d work on a bunch of short stories that are half finished. It would be a good way to do that. So far, I’ve started some new stories that will require some building to go on that are set in urban fantasy realm and my Jane and the Fae story. Jane is the only old story I have worked on this month.

Yeah, I have a bit of a problem. Every time I say I’m going to work on something old, something new pops into my head and I want to get it down before I forget about it. Or I get an idea off of seeing an image or hearing something. I even made a list to help with that issue. Work on the old stuff and see what could be salvaged for later. Just note some things down on the new stuff and work on them later. SHOULD be simple. Should be the operative word.

I just started another story that had a bunch of characters that have been playing around in my head for a couple months now. I had said I wanted to take a break from Steampunk because I was feeling a little burned out from forcing myself with this last NaNo. Right now I still don’t want to look at that novel right now. Take a break, refresh myself and write something else. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi. Well, these characters are Steampunk.

My mind isn’t right sometimes.

I’ve been also keeping track of how much I’m writing daily and see how much I write by the end of the year.

In January, there were 10 days where I didn’t write anything and 8 days where I wrote under 500 words. The total for that month was 16,384 words written on various short stories and writing challenges from a community I’m in.

So far this month, at the midway mark, there have been 2 days that I haven’t written anything and only 1 day where I wrote under 500 words. My current total is 12,502 and that’s not counting what I wrote tonight. I’m four thousand shy of breaking last month’s writing goal.

Total for the year to date is 28,886.

The goal is joining up in a group and being held accountable I guess. And the first Camp NaNo is coming up in April. I have no clue what I’m going to work on for that yet. Ugh.

Have a good weekend!


2 Responses to “I think I can, I think I can”

  1. There’s a camp in April? How did I not know this!?

    Keep plugging– and maybe try keeping a notebook/file/whatever to jot down character/story ideas in? Kep them as brief as possible, but long enough to shut your muse up? That actually seems to be helping me stay focused on my novel….

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