Monday Mixer – Consequences

I would like to say I have something to talk about but right now, everything is sort of a blank and my back is bothering me. So have some Monday Mixer flash fiction today and hopefully Wednesday I’ll have something interesting to talk about.

The gentle wind blew through the grasslands, making the white tents flutter as they sat on the lawn of the church. It was a calm moment broken by the acerbic commentary of the reverend as he thumped his hand on the bible. preaching about the evils of man and to avoid temptation.

No one questioned what he spoke of. He was following the word of God. There were pauses between eat passages so that they could sing along with the piping music from the harmonium that they had pulled out onto the small porch.

He preached against sinning and coveting thy neighbors wife and out of child wedlock was a surefire way to go straight to hell.

They were in the middle of the next hymn when his head snapped back and he collapsed. It took the organist to notice the neat hole in his forehead before the screaming started.

150 words

3 Responses to “Monday Mixer – Consequences”

  1. I love the scene you set – it played out so perfectly in my mind’s eye, until those final two lines, which took me by surprise!! Terrific story!! 🙂

  2. This is great, loved the ending, can totally understand why a bullet to the head was needed. Also loved the way the given words fit so well, had to check to find them all 🙂

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