Monday Mixer – Risky Choices

This past week has gone pretty fast. But it’s time for another Monday Mixer, hosted by Jeffrey Hollar I was too late to enter this week because I totally flaked on remembering it last night but I thought I’d still have some fun.

The cabana was silent, except for the sound of a mortar grinding against the pestle.

Feet stompped on the steps outside and a heavy hand pounded on the shaky door.

“Witch! I know you’re in there.”

Bones creaked as the woman rose from the table, putting her current project aside to let in the bellicose man. “Do you have an issue?” She peered at him with wide eyes. The sclera of her eye bright red and unnatural.

The man continued to scowl though he refused to look her in the eye. “The potion didn’t work. My opponent is hale and ready to fight.”

The witch cackled before pointing towards a small table where a plateful of patisserie sat. “Have him eat one of those. You do need to be careful. Each time you do something, it will come back against you twice if you don’t pay.”

“I’ll take the chance.”

One Response to “Monday Mixer – Risky Choices”

  1. burnsmillie Says:

    Something tells me he should be careful of the deals he makes.

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