Worldbuilding Blog Hop – Day 3: Religion and Magic

This might be a short post because this has been an emotionally exhausting day. I helped a friend say good-bye to her cat who has helped her get through some tough times. He was a talker and a lover and his voice will be missed in the house.

So, Religion and Magic is today’s topic

Yesterday I talked about how that due to a meteor shower, Gods and spirits started to rise up again. All gods, all Nationalities. There are some that aren’t as prolific that are trying to survive in the New World were they have to compete with others.

This has also caused new factions to start up, such as competing Druidic Circles in the English and Ireland Islands. Everything is still new so I will be working on them as I go. Lousiana and Haiti have a very strong VooDoo following, both Marie Laveau and Baron Samedi, good and bad. Mexico and South America have seen the rise of Aztec and Mayan groups and those groups do get involved in human sacrifice.

There hasn’t been much magic at the moment but if there is some, it’s kept quiet. People will not openly use magic unless they are shaman/cleric or any other. I’m still working that part out if I’ll have much at all or if there is magic, it’s more connected to how the steampunk factors into things, such as a sentient clockwork horse that pulls a wagon train through the mid-west or the Ostrich like transports used to move people along the Louisiana territory because they can maneuver through the smaller streets of the towns.


4 Responses to “Worldbuilding Blog Hop – Day 3: Religion and Magic”

  1. How’d the clergy react? I imagine a few saints would show up, too. Certainly St. Nicholas.

    • Some of them have a stronger faith, some weren’t sure if it was a joke that was being played on them. This is one of the weak points that I’ll need to shore up.

  2. *hugs* I know it’s few days late, but I hope your friend is doing okay. I know how hard it is saying goodbye to beloved family cats (said my own goodbyes to far too many of them the past 5 years).

    And holy cow, I don’t want to think about what the world would be like of the Aztec/Mayan deities existed O.O.

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