World Building Blog Hop – Day 1: Geography & Climate

So this is Day One of The World Building Blogfest, hosted by Sharon Bayliss. There is still time to sign up as this will go to February 1st. Today is Geography and Climate. (Just click on the graphic above.)

I wasn’t sure what world I was going to use but considering that I do want to build my Steampunk world a little more, I thought I would go for that. I don’t have a map updated with the different areas as I don’t have the skill with Photoshop and my drawing is horrible. I’ll get to it and perhaps have a friend do it since she is much better at photo manipulation than I am. I’m not sure what to call the world either. A Steampunk World AU? Ugh. I’m so bad at titles.

Anyway, the world I use for my Steampunk stories is actually the world. Just an alternative version of it. So you can look at the United States and while the shape is the same overall, the lines are a little different and we’re looking at it from the perspective of 1800 to very early 1900s. Territory lines are in effect but they are a little different.

Canada and the US are one. The area is called United North America. (I even have tentative maps drawn up but I am unable to find them at the moment). Most of the population keeps to the Coasts as it is more civilized than the land in between. From about Ohio to Utah, that is more of a wild area that is more open and is prone to have more attacks when it comes to robbers attacking the trains or the Native American people. And while there is use of the wagon trail and Pony Express for transportation of mail and people, they use mechanical horses for the long distances are more durable than real horses and have no need to stop unless there is an overheating issue or an error where there has been sabotage.

Anyone that wants to take advantage of stealing from anything like that needs to keep up so it would not be unusually to see a train robber or a small hunting party of Native Americans has one or two mechanical clockwork horses that they managed to either acquire or build themselves. If they don’t want to risk the land, there is always the sky. There are a variety of sky ships that travel above the land to small sloops to heavy armored military ships that use the use of propellers and solar sails to keep afloat.

The sky has its own dangers. There are pirates that haunt the sky and if one is a heavily laden merchant ship taking goods to the Coasts, don’t be surprised if the ship is targeted. The pirates have their own fortress that no law official has yet to target because there are rumors that is moves from place to place. Never to be seen in the same place very often. It is run by the notorious Cog Pirate, a person who has tormented different ships for a few decades now.

If the pirates don’t get a person, the lightning birds can provide a danger to the delicate balloons and solar sails of ships. They fly among the clouds that are thickest with electrostatic charges and soak in the electricity that is generated. They aren’t aggressive birds unless a fool-hardy captain chooses to fly into the clouds instead of going higher into the atmosphere or finding a place to dock until the storm passes. Should a ship get close, the birds will attack as they feel the ship is invading their territory. Sharp beaks and claws are detrimental to balloons and solar sails and any repairs will be costly if the ship survives through the storm and manages to land safely.

Do you want to fly the friendly skies? 🙂

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11 Responses to “World Building Blog Hop – Day 1: Geography & Climate”

  1. The more I read, the more impressed I am. Such a fun blog hop, and no I’ll stay on the ground, thank you!

  2. katieteller Says:

    I love the whole steampunk thing. I remember when I first watch Wild Wild West I was fascinated by the idea. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Mechanical horses sounds like snow machines as a substitute for dog sleds. The problems are different, but there are still problems. Especially in the villages where fuel has to be imported.

  4. I love the sounds of this. A united Canada/States would be a huge country

  5. this is great! the wild midwest! and pirates in the stormy skies!
    love me some steampunk!

  6. Never really explored Steampunk much, but love the sound of this. It opened my mind op to alternatives, thanks!

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