“Writerly Doubts” OR “When Muses Take a Vacation”

I could say how well I was writing if that was true. Yes, the weekend was busy and I even had a day off where I did absolutely nothing but watch an anime that had looked interesting on my laptop. This past week has been very ‘meh’. The mood strikes and any story that I’m working on takes a back burner. I try to shake it off and get back into the groove but sometimes, it doesn’t work. I’ll sit with the document open and just stare at it before finding something else to occupy myself with. It’s all “OH SHINEY! *attention diverted*” and that’s that. Other times it’s just getting in a funky mood and being all BLAH about what I’m writing that I feel like it sucks and that I don’t have what it takes to finish it.

That seemed to be this weekend. I was feeling crappy overall and not even word wars could generate any interest in the story. I MANAGED to get a five hundred count last night and that was in about two hours. Not very impressive at all since I could do that in a half an hour with a good sprint or two. So I called it a night and went to bed early. I’m not sure if the extra sleep helped as I haven’t worked on anything yet. I would like to hope so but then I have several characters dancing around in my head, one of which has been there for a while.

Thing is, I’m sort of afraid to start writing about them because as soon as I get them down on paper, it doesn’t seem as interesting as when they were throwing the party in my head. I can also jot some ideas down at work to take home and work them out but it’s the same thing, the fear that once I start writing about it, it’s going to suck so hard.

I do try to find prompts to get the story jumping but I haven’t found a steady one yet that will work for me. I don’t know if I should stick to pictures or a phrase daily to help keep things going. One of the stories I’m working on is M/M which is way out of my field of comfort but I thought it would be something to try when someone I follow mentioned the open call. It’s due in June so I have the time but there is going to be a LOT of growing pains here.

(Woo, I actually remembered to do a post before midnight on the day it’s due. That’s an accomplishment, right? 😉 )

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