Tripping along

Wooo! I remembered to post on time. Of course could have written this and posted it earlier but I got sidetracked. It doesn’t take a lot, trust me. In the past week, I have written over five thousand words. Saturday I didn’t write at all and I just clocked in under two hundred yesterday. But it definitely has been a good week.

One thing I need to do is sit down and write down my different universes. Because I started writing in another two. So yeah. I’m like the dogs in Up. I’m all SQUIRREL! sometimes when it comes to writing stories because I go by what pops into my head and then the characters start to talk to me and keep poking to be written.

On top of that, I saw that Rebekah posted about a World Building Blog Hop. And I thought to myself “WHY NOT!” because I don’t have enough on my plate to work on to get everything straightened out. X-D Anyway. Click on the Earth and learn more about the World Building Exercise.

I’ll also need to update my word counters to the right.

Here I go, back to the grindstone!


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