So yeah, the memory…not so good sometimes

You know, I really did have this plan to keep blogging and trying to do it. Three times a week wasn’t so bad, right? And I completely flaked out and forgot last week. So, yeah. Hopefully I’ll be better about it. Really, really hopefully. I need to actually write things before the day in question comes up.

I am keeping up with the flashes and my writing is doing pretty good. I need to sit down and write characters down because I keep alternating between three or four universes. It helped that there were some sprints I took place in. So in the past week I cracked five thousand for the week after a slow start last week.

I am most definitely happy with that. Key point now is to pull all the fragments of the stories together so that I can keep track of what is going on because I am skipping around even in the universes.

I also have a widget to the side to keep track of my word counts, one is for #WIP500, the other is for an Livejournal community. Come sign up at Cara Michaels’ #WIP500 where you’ll see quite a number of authors writing away and charging forward with their yearly word count. The link to sign up is here

To end it all: DUCKY PIRATE SHIP: Here! Now I need to find $2500 that is just lying around.

Though, that would be something to have that in a steampunk story.


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