NaNoWriMo Day 19 / #WriteMotivation #3

1: Keep up with NaNo and use the blog to keep track, maybe even give a six sentence snippet with each post.

41,477 / 50,000

Sunday I joined some other WriMos and we spent six hours doing some pretty heavy sprints. I had written about 3k previously at a write in and on top of that, wrote about another 7k. I had wanted to be at 40k tonight just so that when I go to hand writing tomorrow, I can take it easy and not kill myself. Trust me, my wrists hurt plenty after last night. But it was a good pain?

2: Work more on expanding the world that I’m basing my story on. (Most people would do this as prep, you know before NaNo. Not me, OH No!).

I need to look at my maps. My story was going slow and I wasn’t really feeling it so I threw in some things and I need to figure out what place they are going to so I can blow it up. Or something. 🙂

3: Keep to the blogging 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri).

Yeah, I said above that I missed some, again. And as I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with my family and will have limited internet use unless my sister lets me use the computer at night when everyone is sleeping. It’s going to be by the ear until I come back next Tuesday.

4: On top of NaNo, keep up with the flash fiction contests all week.

I missed some last week and this coming week will have me missing more. Again, it depends on my access when I’m at my family’s.

5. Actually pulling out my older NaNos and work on editing them, even if it is a page at a time.

Haven’t touched much on this again. Meh. I do want to work on some short stories mainly because it’s not NaNo and I’m starting to feel the burn I usually do come November 30th.

So, nothing really new other than doing some hardcore sprinting to get my NaNo word count up. I have my Livescribe pen packed and I’m ready to write as I have about a 10 hour flight out and about 11-12 hours on the way back. But on the way back is a night flight so I might doze a bit. But everything will be involving handwritten work.

I wish everyone to have a fantastic holiday with their family and friends!


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