My goals for November

Wow, I have been really bad for the past couple of posts. Go me. Way to keep to even a three day posting moment here. I’d like to say that I was really distracted but it was more that I was really forgetful. Hopefully I can start on doing things a little early that maybe it will work then.

Anyway, last week I had the fun of seeing Henry Rollins in one of his spoken word engagements. If you’ve never heard of Henry Rollins, check out his website here. He’s been a rocker, an actor, a rights activist, a traveler. He’s only fifty-one and he still tours around like no one’s business. In his earlier spoken word CDs, he drops a lot of F-bombs. He’s apparently mellowed a bit as he’s aged as he hardly swore at all. It was a fun show and my friends and I were amazed that he talked for two and a half hours without taking a drink of water. That and he held the mic like he was ready to belt out a tune. He talks about a lot of things from politics to how he grew up and experienced to what he is planning on doing in the future. If you have a chance to see him, I would suggest that you do so. He is entertaining. He might use a bit of salty language but then there are few people that don’t these days.

So, it’s two hours away but is looming like a monolith. NaNoWriMo starts up tonight at midnight but considering how I’m feeling sleepy, I don’t think I’ll stay up very long even to write 100 words. They’ll get done, when they get done and we’ll see if this story has staying power. BAH! I’m a pantser so it’s always a ‘will I get it done this year’ moment. I do have to say that if you are having problems getting words down, find a sprint partner or a chat that has word sprints. You would be surprised how fast those 100-200 word sprints add up by the time you are done for the night. That’s how I passed 50k last year. I wouldn’t say finished as there is a LOT if fixing that I need to do.

And what is taking NaNo by the horns than signing up for something else, such as #writemotivation. One of my fellow MLs, Rebekah speaks of #writemotivation and how it has helped her a lot so I’ll give it a go and see how I do with it. I had seemed to have kept up with it at the beginning of the year with writing daily and then I don’t know what happened. I just seemed to have ‘died’. I was very meh about writing and I need to at least do something every day, even if I later throw it out because it is more utter crap than my other utter crap.

I need to do a goal list so:
1: Keep up with NaNo and use the blog to keep track, maybe even give a six sentence snippet with each post.
2: Work more on expanding the world that I’m basing my story on. (Most people would do this as prep, you know before NaNo. Not me, OH No!).
3: Keep to the blogging 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri).
4: On top of NaNo, keep up with the flash fiction contests all week.
5. Actually pulling out my older NaNos and work on editing them, even if it is a page at a time.

So, on top of NaNo going on this month, I’ll be flying out West to visit my family for Thanksgiving so I’ll be taking my Livescribe pen and notebook to get writing done because I’m not sure that I’ll have a lot of computer access except at night. I’m not sure if I’ll be staying at my sister’s or my mom’s yet. Plus the things that we’ll be doing.
Come December, yeah, I’ll be ready for a long nap.

3 Responses to “My goals for November”

  1. Yay for overachievers! I am adding 20,000 to my wordcount (it just works out that way when I outlined), AND am trying to do a drawing challenge.

    Oh, and I am a bridesmaid in a wedding on the 10th.

    But there’s no time for sleep in December. December is EdShiOuYoNoMo (Edit the Shit Out of Your Novel Month). It’s a thing.

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