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Annnd, I totally forgot that last night was a posting day for this thing. Grr. I could say I had good reason? I was working on a writing challenge as well as trying to mull over my NaNo novel, which I don’t have much of a solid connection between my two MCs. That has to be worked out. I’ll probably be doing some writing drabbles to get more familiar because while they were talking to me this summer during the Camp NaNo, I thought ‘naaah, I’ll save this for regular NaNo’. And now they went back to hide.

The muses like to do this to me a lot. They jump around like crazy cats trying to catch the fishy on a string (as an aside, my cat can get some serious air. He loves the toys with the bells on most of all) and as soon as I pay attention, they go hide. Grah.

If all else fails, I’m going to be using some purple prose to pad my word count. I have to work on some more character profiles and see if that helps perk things up as well. I also need to do some research into early 19th and 20th Century Norway and Sweden since I’ll be using that for my AU Steampunk story.

Thirteen days to go and I haven’t even started on research.

Yeah, this NaNo is going to go so well.

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