Just another day

It’s hard to believe that it is mid October already. Halloween is officially in two weeks but Trick or Treat is next week or so. I remember when Trick or Treat was always on Halloween. But then I’m showing my age there. :p

Either way, there are only two months till the end of the year and 2013 will be upon us. Unless one believes that the end of the world will be coming in December. It’s a matter of belief. Things have been swelling and ebbing as the world turns. Would we perhaps be better if the planet decided to do a hard boot and start all over again? It wouldn’t be surprising. We haven’t been very kind to Mother Earth and she has no reason to really want to keep us around. Killing off endangered species, killing each other. Poisoning the land and the soil, tearing down her trees. We seem to excel at pissing Her off.

So. NaNo. Two weeks to go. And I have all of two character profiles written. Go me! That’s more than I’ve ever had before but I’m still having issues with getting my MCs straightened out and their motivation. Bah. I have someone who had done drawings for characters of two of my other stories working on the ones for this story as well. She’s pretty cool about it and I’m having her do a cover as well.

I’m planning on hanging out in the All Year Sprints chat because I have found that when I am being held accountable by other NaNo peeps, I can actually get my word count. On top of the write ins that I’ll need to schedule. Ugh, I don’t know why I’m just so blah this year about getting things organized. But I do need to get my crap together. Two weeks is going to go by very quickly.

Now, back to watching Hellboy.

(PS. I have the urge to work on my Cthulhu story. I don’t know why. XD)


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