Three Weeks to Go

I’m going to have to settle down to a posting pattern. Perhaps three days a week, a M/W/F rotation. I think what happened is that when I tried to keep writing every day I was getting burned out because I wasn’t used to doing it all the time. If I go at a decent schedule, I have time to think of something and then post about it without feeling pressured or that I’m falling back on something and leaving things hanging until I don’t post at all and then this site sits fallow.

I need to get into the pattern again, same with regular writing. There are times when I get depressed and think what I write is crap. Happens to everyone, I suppose. The key is to keep writing and keep getting critiqued and get better. I’m out of practice. I actually submitted my first piece in a while to my writing group. And I’m thinking of joining another one but I’m not sure if I should or just keep to one. The extra eyes would help and it would actually get me out to seeing different people as well. A different set of eyes might catch something that was other wise missed. I’m still thinking about it.

Anyway, NaNo. Three weeks left. There have been new faces coming out and hopefully they’ll come to the write ins. Last year, it was sort of quiet and if I got one person to show up, it was a blessing. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling very blah about it this year. I’m trying to get fired up. Trying to get some interaction of the people, trying to get people talking. I’m a severely introverted person so this is a push for myself as well, getting out there and trying to get writers together. I’m not much of a talker but I try to conquer it during NaNo.

I try to think of things that might pull people out and actually, there have been some things that came up during a chat with some other fellow NaNoers from an LJ com I’m in that maybe will help, both for Panters and Plotters alike.

4 Responses to “Three Weeks to Go”

  1. s0rceress0 Says:

    I was really good about creating an outline this year and got it done this morning. It was quite a bit of work but now I have a roadmap to follow and it really helped me get into my characters heads. I’m jumping to go!

  2. Hey, you’re better than me, I haven’t even settled on which story to write. I’ve more or less decided on a world(building), (the one from last year’s NaNo) but even that might change. And my plot so far is along the lines of “and then stuff blows up, and they catch the bad guy.”
    At least our NaNo meets are usually well attended and usually fun. We have fabulous MLs.

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