Friday Fictioneers – Iron Wire and the Horn

I’m giving Friday Fictioneers a try. What’s one more flash on the schedule, hmm? Sometimes the stories make me want to write more, sometimes I struggle and wonder if they are worth going further into the rabbit hole.

“Hurry up!” Sebana glanced over her shoulder towards the rapidly sinking sun. The sky that chased after was a vibrant blue that grew darker and darker as the sun ran away.

“Stop rushing me, this is sharp.” Kelan frowned at her sister, handling the barbed wire with bare hands. “I can only go so fast. You lost the gloves.” Specks of blood covered the metal.

A horn sounded in the distance and the color drained from Sebana’s face. “Run.” She turned and darted away.

Kelan hung the remainder of the iron barbed wire on the fence, following her fleeing sibling.


14 Responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Iron Wire and the Horn”

  1. They’re coming. Run. Don’t look back. Just run!

    Here’s mine:

  2. siobhanmuir Says:

    Intriguing tale. What are they running from? And why are THEY stringing the wire? Fun tale, Nellie.

    Here’s mine:


  3. Lots of intrigue here. Is it monsters that only come out at night? Or perhaps they’re trying to escape from somewhere and the horn is the alarm sounding?

    Nicely done.

    Mine’s here:

  4. Wow! The urgency was evident in handling the wire gloveless–would love to know who/what they’re running from. Great story hook.


  5. Dear Nellie,

    I thought your tone in this piece was very good. A matter of fact mission to string fence during the day to hold a monstrous mystery at bay. And with the fading light extinguishing hope, they abandon their tools and run. To where we don’t know but it almost doesn’t matter. Grim and gripping.



  6. A captivating scenario this; would like to read more of what they were running from. The idea that a horn marks the start of the chase is quite eerie.

  7. Agree with Sandra above that the sound of the horn suggests something mystical or at least some sinister hunt that’s after the pair, and possibly based in the real world, with the barbed wire being used here. I enjoyed this and I am also eager to know more!

    Also totally agree about the ‘rabbit hole’ feeling. We wake up a lot of stories with this flash fiction and it’s hard to know which ones to develop, or where to even start if we do.

    My entry is over here:

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