Row80 Check in

Well I’ve got almost 2k words on the Red Riding Hood Story and I don’t think it will go longer than three. But it’s a cute little story. I need to work on my NaNo stories as well as getting things written up for a few other NaNos that I’m planning on working on. Haven’t gotten up to 500 words a night like I should yet. I get it once in a while but it’s not consistent.

Tonight I didn’t do much because of going to a book signing by a local author who just had his third book come out, Jon Sprunk. I actually do NaNo with his sister and dad. It was fun and I recommend the series.

That’s about it for this time.

Check in on other Row80 Participants.


One Response to “Row80 Check in”

  1. bellesapepper37 Says:

    You are one very busy, inspiring author. Thanks for your post.

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