Six Sunday – Red and the Wolf

This is another bit to a story that I started out writing long hand. I don’t think it will get very long. I’m up to the 1500 word mark and I’ve typed all that I had written. This is a rough draft yet and at the moment my mind is shot so I’m not sure if makes sense at the moment. 🙂 Enjoy.

In which Rebecca meats the Huntsman.

A tall man stepped out, his chin rough with dark stubble shadowing his chin, an axe resting against his shoulder. His clothing was rough and showed some stains, tattered along the edges. He lifted a hand to his hat, tipping it towards here. “Hello there, Young Red. Are you lost?”

“No, no, I’m on my way to Grandmother’s.”

What will your six say? See others here.


6 Responses to “Six Sunday – Red and the Wolf”

  1. Nice, love retelling of fairy tales!

  2. Oh, goodie! I love Little Red Riding Hood. Can’t wait to see what spin you put on this tale. I love the description of the Hunter. Great six!!

  3. Great description of the Huntsman! Fun six! 🙂

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