Row80 Check in

It seems that writing long hand is working.  I have at least a thousand words on a story that I started last week and am typing up now.  So if I get stuck like I have been again, just pull out the paper and start writing it.  I’m at a point where I think that I can type in it if it’s a word document.  I haven’t used this method in a while but it seems that I’ll be using it again for when I’m in a rut with a story.

I’ve also started on the Wii again.  Trying to do between fifteen minutes to half an hour three days a week and trying to eat a lot healthier.  I have about 50-60 pounds that I need to lose and it would be better healthwise and get off some of the pills that I’m on.  Never too late to make life changes, right?

Check out and see how other ROW80 people are doing.


2 Responses to “Row80 Check in”

  1. Never too late to make positive life changes!
    Good idea with the paper… get those words out!

  2. Happy to hear writing long hand is working out for you. I write everything longhand. The story just flows so much easier that way. I go completely blank staring at the computer screen. Then I use the typing up time to do some editing and expanding. Have fun exercising with the WII. I started out short time periods on the treadmill and eventually worked my way up to an hour. So keep with it and before you know it, you’ll be there.

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