Row80 – The beginning

Needless to say, Round 1 of Row80 did NOT go as planned. About mid-February I petered out and I don’t know what was going on other than the urge to right was minimal and I just stared blankly at unfinished stories.

It sucked.

So, this month, I’m hoping to get back into things and a friend even suggested writing long hand. I did some writing today. I don’t know how many words as I haven’t typed it up yet but it’s something. Hopefully this Round will be a lot more productive than the last one.

And I still have a story to finish as well as come up with an idea for a Cthulhu Steampunk and an Icarus themed story. Hopefully starting out a story long hand will help with the stalling I’ve been having.

But check out all the other Row80 people who are having better luck than I am. 🙂


2 Responses to “Row80 – The beginning”

  1. Ryan King Says:

    I totally agree with the long hand suggestion. When the screen isn’t working for me long hand normally does the trick. I hope this round goes better for you.

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