Friday Picture Show

I wanted to post my other flashes of the week but forgot. Tonight or tomorrow there will be another post with them.

Here is today’s Friday Picture Show. It’s open until 8pm EST tonight.

She sat in the mist, waiting to be called. There was no other place for her, no one to miss her. The gold chain glimmered in her hand, a lost memory, a spark of color against the greyness of her skin.

She could feel the pull, the tug to come out of the mist. Deliver her message, a morbid reminder of how delicate mortality was.

A tear rolled down her face, opaque against her skin. She leaned her head back. The pulling was getting stronger. Her head fell back and she exploded from the mist, banshee scream on her lips.


2 Responses to “Friday Picture Show”

  1. This is an extremely beautiful photograph–did you take this, or is this simply an image that inspires you? Anyway, missing your SSS posts–loved the “living” tattoo.

    • It was an image that was found for the flash. Jen over at Friday Picture Show had actually found it.

      I need to remember to sign up for this week. I keep forgetting. 🙂

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