2/26 Row80 Check in

Slowly getting back into writing daily again. I believe I wrote Wednesday, Thursday and Friday definitely. Yesterday I didn’t do anything because I was actually doing some research. I was also playing around on Tumblr yesterday to. There are some really neat pictures that could be used as prompts.

I had the opportunity to shoot a .45-70 rifle and a .45 revolver which was very fun. I have never fired a real gun before. I did this because in my NaNo Novel, my one character is an expert in long range and I really kind of stalled multiple times when I was writing because I had no clue really how to handle a guy or fire or anything like that was important to have in gun knowledge. So one of the guys in my book club offered to get in touch with a friend of his who has a rifle. They are both in a Sportsman Club.

So I got to load it, fire and get an idea of how to handle a gun as well as do a house clearing, to get an idea of how to deal with intruders in the home and how to be careful and aware of the placing around me. This afternoon I was at my D&D group and frankly, after holding the rifle and firing at least 20 times and about 5-10 on the revolver, my shoulders are sore from my arms being up like that.

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