Six Sentence Sunday – Tattoo Story

I’m so behind on my writing. The past week hasn’t been very productive but I’m hoping to get things back on track again. I need to hammer down on this story and the Scar one as that’s due at the end of the month.

In this scene, Tiber is meditating and Jaton goes to shake the man’s shoulder and finds that the tattoos etched on the monk’s skin can be defensive.

He glanced at the man and stared as the ink was peeling off like it was wax itself, shifting and swirling and taking on different shapes. He stood up and walked over to see if he could see what it was trying to do.
One tendril whipped out, the lines jagged and rough. It swayed back and forth like a snake about to strike. Jaton held up his hands and backed up a few steps. Once he was far enough away, it went back to the mass and joined the rest.

What are your six? Don’t forget to check out all the other talented authors at Six Sentence Sunday.


One Response to “Six Sentence Sunday – Tattoo Story”

  1. This is totally cool. I know I sound like a dweeb, but a tattoo that has a life of its own? Seriously fascinating. Great six! 🙂

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