Six Sunday – Untitled Work

I’m taking a break from my fae story to do this one for an open call for an M/M erotica anthology. This is out of my comfort zone so it will be interesting how well I do when I get to the sex parts. *Grin* Anyway, onto the characters.

Jaton – A Farale guide. The Farale are a nomadic type of people who have blood magic that is seen as bad in some areas. One of those towns that doesn’t look well on it is where his tribe is staying in secrecy. Some of the Farale have markings on their skin – some are faint, some are prominent.

Tiber – A monk from the local monastery who needs Jaton to show him to one of the Seven gates where his brother is trying to unleash chaos upon the world.

Tiber has seen the faint marks on Jaton’s skin when he was helping stitch the other man’s arm up. He understandably doesn’t want to be killed for seeing the secret that Jaton keeps but he also needs the man’s help to get to the gate. He offers a bloodoathed promise to show Jaton that he is serious about keeping the guide’s hereitage a secret. Jaton has brought up that it’s not a good idea.

“It is only used for marriage rights. It can’t be broken, once given. Once the two are bound, only death can separate the couple. There is a connection with the blood that goes beyond. For us, we can then pick up the feelings of our partner.”

Tiber stopped and drew his head up, mouth closing.

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7 Responses to “Six Sunday – Untitled Work”

  1. Wow! It doesn’t look like you’re having such a hard time writing outside you’re comfort zone, Nellie! I like the subtext here, builds anticipation for a ‘closer’ relationship later on. Great six!

  2. I like the bond created by the blood oath. Well written six, Nellie. 🙂

  3. Ooh interesting premise. The bloodoath bond sounds like a great plot element.

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