ROW80 Update

I’m actually remember to post on a Sunday. Of course at the moment, I’m watching 2012 on FX. It is – different. Makes you wonder what exactly is going to happen on 12/21, ya know? 🙂 Either way, it should be interesting and I’m ready for my hand basket ride complete with wet bar and masseuse.

This week, I’ve missed two days of my #WIP500 writing, so I’m 1k in the hole. Not bad to make up. It’s just sitting down and making it up. We’ll see about doing it over lunch this week even if it’s 250 words a day. Of course, I deviated from the one short story because I saw a gorgeous piece of artwork on DeviantArt and started another one yesterday. I’m so easily distracted sometimes. As easily distracted as I am, I do need to update my word count widget.

On Friday I went to the dentist to get a temporary cap on a molar so my jaw is kind of ouchy. I’ve had a root canal. I can mark that on the list as something I do NOT want to experience again. So I’m waiting 2 1/2 weeks for the permanent. I can only imagine what people with braces had to go through.

Has anyone heard more about Lost Girl on SyFy (if they watch it)? I saw the first episode. It’s different. The premise is really neat. I’ll just have to wait and see a couple of episodes to really give any sort of judgement on it.

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2 Responses to “ROW80 Update”

  1. I have missed a couple days on #WIP500. Tomorrow I am going to suck it up and catch the heck up. I am grateful to read your words, though, because I feel a certain kinship I didn’t feel before.

    Great to find you via ROW80! Have a fantastic writing week. Word~love to you!

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