Supporting the Protest of SOPA.

I was going to post my flashes from the week here tonight but they will only show up after 8pm tonight as I am blacking out my blog in support of protesting the SOPA bill. WHile part of it is to stop internet piracy which is a problem when it comes to writers, there is a section of the bill that also censors Free Speech, which is not so cool. (Doncha love how they slip those little things in one big bill?)

I don’t like being told what I can and can’t snark on or what I can or can’t read that snarks on something because someone has thin skin. As a writer, we need that tough outer shell to deal with criticism. The power of snark has been around for a long time.

One thing also is if you’ve ever read Cleolinda’s Movies in 15 minutes (,, she does parodies of movies, the current of which has been Breaking Dawn Pt 1. It’s funny, it’s witty. She also read all the books and wrote up a review with a healthy bit of snark. If Summit Entertainment pitched a fit because they were offended by what she wrote, the SOPA bill would make sure that her blog was taken off line all because she was having fun with something that hundreds of people enjoy reading.

Support the stop of the SOPA bill.


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