Row 80 Update

And yet again, I forgot another Row 80 Update. The only thing I can say is that I had a banging headache most of the weekend and I was tired so while I was thinking of it Sunday night, I forgot. -_- Trying this now. This post is late tonight because I went to a signing tonight of Maria V. Snyder. She previously had the Study series, the Glass series and a duo of Inside Out/Outside in, which is coming out in an omnibus in March. She has the start of a new series and the first book is Touch of Power. I’m very excited to read it. She is a very nice person and if you have the chance to see her at a con, say hi. 🙂

Writing: I missed Saturday but am looking to catch up tomorrow and maybe get a little ahead for Friday. (I have an appointment to get a crown on Friday. Fun. :-/)

I have about 4k words on one of the open calls and am re-reading it before I get too far since the limit is 10k-20k.

Don’t forget to talk to your Representatives about stopping SOPA and PIPA.

And I think that is about it. Other than the signing, nothing very exciting is going on other than it’s really cold. I’m ready for Spring.

Hope on over to the other Row 80ers.

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