Row 80 Check in

This is a very short post as I’m tired and have been walking around for about three hours today at the PA Farm Show (Oh god, the food. So good). Anyway.

Writing, I have been doing #WIP500 and have kept up except for tonight. Usually I do it when I come home from work but as I’ve only been home for half an hour and am beat….don’t think it’s going to get done. I’ll just play catch up tomorrow and do some writing over lunch to make up for it.

Short stories…I have the one started. The other I’m still trying to figure things out. I started it, wrote about 2200 words and didn’t like the way it started and have now started the rewrite. (That’s a lot of started in one sentence.)

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2 Responses to “Row 80 Check in”

  1. Sounds like you are sticking to your goals–so great!

    Regarding the short story–I always find the ‘starting’ to be problematic!

    Keep on keeping on!

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