Tuesday Tales

Tuesday Teaser ended at 8pm over at GlitterWord

There were some really awesome entries.

The image prompt is and the word is Defiant.

Beloved Companion

“She’s being a little monster.” The woman seethed.

“Honey, she’s just at that age. Maybe I can talk to her.” He tried to smooth things over.

“No one can talk to that defiant little brat.”

A sigh. “She’s a little girl. Please don’t call her that.” Knock, Knock. “Sera, may I come in?”

“NO! I don’t wanna!”

He cracked it open a little anyway, seeing the little girl sitting on the bed, with arms crossed and crooked pig tails. “Sweetie, I know you missed Mr. Whittle, but you shouldn’t have brought him back.”

A rattling rubbing purr against the legs.

100 words

Check out the other stories!

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