Out with 2011 and in with 2012

Well, it’s still a few hours off till 2012 comes rolling in and I have time to think about what I want to do with the new year. One of them is hopefully be more focused than I have been on my writing. I’ve done better than I have in a few years.

I could list all the different projects that I have started that need work on but I was completely slacking the past two days when I could have doing a list.

1. Complete my Camp NaNo story
2. Do world building for my steampunk world
3. Work on two short stories that are due the end of April
4. Get more organized and get all my short stories in digital format to work with better
5. Be more active on the blogs that I’ve seen through the Write Campaign Group and those that I’ve seen that I found through doing flash fiction

To help with this all, I’m be doing the #WIP500 challenge for the entire year so hopefully that will keep me going. I’ll also be doing the #Nightgale flash fiction during January. Both badges are too the right that are linked to their respective leaders, Cara Michaels and Stevie McCoy.

And hopefully 2012 is a little easier on me financially. We’ll see how THAT works out as well.

Have a safe and Happy New Years! See you in 2012.


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