#ThursThread Honorable Mention

I had gotten picked for a #ThursThread Honorable Mention. It takes place from 7am Pacific to 7pm Pacific (Or 10 to 10 to us East Coasters).

“Let me go, bastard!” The woman struggled against the two men that held her in place, putting hands on her shoulder and forcing her to sit in the chair.

The man sat across the desk from her. He glanced at her with distaste before pulling out a long silvered dagger, a ruby in the pommel.

“It’s nothing personal, my dear. This is something that has to be done. It had been so for centuries, but it had not always been so.” He nodded his head. Grey eyes leveled on the struggling woman. “You should be happy that you were selected. It is an honor to be the Host. There are usually other young women who beg to be chosen.” He nodded to the men. “Put her across the table.”

“Noooo, no. Stop. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re going to curse us all.” She wiggled and struggled as they yanked her to a long stone table sitting against the window. The full moon streamed in through the open window, coating it in blue sheen.

They secured her in the shackles and the man picked up the dagger, pointing it towards the outside. The ruby caught in the light started a slow burn in its depths. “Father, bless us.” He bowed his head.

She arched up against the chains, watching as he picked up the dagger and drove it down into her breast. White flame burst out from her chest and she gave a scream that degenerated into a howl.

Come join us next week over at The Weird, the Wild & the Wicked!


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