Hump Day Challenge Flash – Week 28

Come on over to Tracey’s Travern for some Hump Day Flash! Contest is open until 8pm EST.

The words to be incorporated are:

And the super special pick word is…BOOZE!

A faint groan and the smell of copper and sulfur. He raised a hand to his face, rubbing at his face. Still tired, still worn. The bright, red Motel light that flickered on and off illuminated the wide form sitting in the chair.

“Are we having regrets now, Mr. Wilson?”

“Wha?” He pushed himself up. His hand brushed against the bottle of booze that had been laying on the bed next to him.

“Regrets, Mr. Wilson. Are you having them?” A metallic snkt.

Bennie thought about it before shaking his head. “My resolution, my choice.”

“Goodbye then, Mr. Wilson.”


100 words


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