Come on over and playing on Siobhan’s #ThursThreads flash challenge.

100 to 250 words.
The sentence to include is: “Then the damned will envy my conversion.”

Come on over here. You have until 7pm Pacific time.

Bloody lips grinned as Falial pulled himself up on the rock. His hand slipped once , bloody dripping onto the rocks and making his grip slippery. He got his feet underneath and straightened up, not wincing as the long cut in his thigh stretched the beginning of a scab tore loose, fresh blood running down his leg.

Leathery wings stretched behind them, the end section of the right one tilting at an odd angle.

They didn’t think he would get out. They didn’t think that he would survive. His body was bruised, mangled and torn. But he made it.

The screams funneled up and he looked down at the writing bodies, hands reaching up for assistance.

They were all fools. “Then the damned will envy my conversion.” Matted blonde hair fell down his back as he laughed, head tilted back, the sound echoing up to the bright blue sky.


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