Not Caturday but Pupperday

Took the roomie’s dog to see Santa at the local pet store. It was ten bucks but all the proceeds go to support homeless animals so it’s all good and it’s such a cute picture. Tomorrow I’ll be at my family’s for Christmas dinner. So I’m going to be full and probably won’t need dinner.

Thinking of joining an on-line forum for some role playing. They use the Anita Blake universe but from what I learned from speaking to some of them, they either haven’t read or maybe only read one or two of the books. It’s mostly freeform. I can handle that since I haven’t read the books in a while. I’m still hoping that she goes back to writing like she did when she first started. But I don’t know if that’s every going to happen. Meh.

Right now, I’m currently watching the Original Snowmageddon on SyFy (I still hate that name). It’s once again, what an original sci-fi movie is like. Cheesy and head-tilting puzzling.

I’ve been seeing commercials for a show called Lost Girl that seems to involve some sort of fae’ish world. Might have to check that out. They seem to do all right with mini-series stuff. I’m still reserving judgement on it.

I need to do my Six Sentence for tomorrow and tomorrow night, I’ll do a Row Update.


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