ROW 80 Winter Hibernation

Geez, it’s another Wednesday and another check in. I’ve done flashes and gotten ideas or other stories so that’s all I have for my writing. Again, I’ve written about 800 words so it’s not a bad amount to write about. I haven’t written much on the two short stories that are due in April and May respectively. I need to fix that.

Have you ever tried to find the perfect picture that would fit the character you are writing about? I have a bunch of model pictures and at one point, I had several sites bookmarked that had a wide range of photos that I could use and after a crash, I think I’ve lost the link. Everything I look for isn’t matching what I remembered it to be and I can’t remember the name of the site. It is frustrating.

And in my earlier post today, GlitterLady is going to have a January Blog Flash Fiction challenge. Feel free to sign up. It should be interesting. To make it easy, just go over here to check it out.

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One Response to “ROW 80 Winter Hibernation”

  1. Not bad at all 🙂 Character pics are both fun and a pain. I normally keep a file or a folder of pics that I might use in the future. Going forward instead of bookmarking pages, try downloading them and keeping in a folder. You may never use them but they’ll be at your finger tips if you do.

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