Row80 Check in

It’s Sunday again and I don’t want to go to work in the morning. I’m trying to remember what all I need to do and finish the last bite of shopping that I need. Otherwise it’s all hand-crafts so to speak. And the big thing I need to do is mail a package out west to the rest of the family.

Yesterday, I went up to our barn as we were having a Christmas party for all the boarders. We had fun and I took my mini out for a small drive up the road. What I didn’t appreciate is the jerkoff driving WAY too fast on that road that Dusty had a little spaz attack. Luckily the yard I went into was pretty level but then I spent five minutes trying to get him back on the road and then when I reached the parking lot where I turn around, all he wanted to do was go back, not do some practicing. I was less than pleased. So if you ever see a horse on the road, slow down as your car going by could spook the horse and cause issues. Be one of those nice people, thank you.

Got home late and was just way too tired to do anything else. And I was so full from all teh food. And the desserts. I didn’t have very many of those.

I’m hoping to work on the two shorts that I heard about last week so hopefully that will be productive.

I need to clean out my Gmail account. I have a lot of garbage that can be deleted but I was too lazy to do. So I want to clear out at least 100 a day. I know some of them are RP scenes that I do so they get put in folders but that’s better than them sitting. I’ll need to format them then into word file. And I want to pull out my Camp NaNo and do some world building. My skill with photoshop to do a map isn’t that great though.

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