Rowing about – A Row80 Check In

So the goal I had set up for myself, in addition to doing NaNo was writing 15000 on another original story. I signed up for Mini-NaNo on Livejournal as it let you set your own goals. So it made sense that it would help me make my goal as the Row 80 went beyond November and if I was lacking any words, I could just catch up with the time I had left. I pledged to do 250 words a day which would net me 7500. Half was a respectable amount of words to make up.

I was bad and wasn’t keeping up on the word count widget like I should have been. I knew I had points where I wrote a little extra and sometimes a LOT extra. I figured that I would still have a couple thousand to write. Then they put up the spreadsheet that showed the total word count. Mine was 18,279 words. Okay, I wrote a SUPER LOT extra.

Needless to say, I made my ROW80 goal. The story I’m currently working on is up to 20k total but then I’m doing some character building and world building within the story so when I do my edit, I’ll just take all the extra stuff out. Just need to find a friend willing to want to read it and tell me “fix this part” and stuff like that.


I did some of my Christmas shopping and stopped in at a local Christmas show that is held every year in the Farm Show arena. They get hundreds of vendors in and you pretty much have a pick of things. There are a lot of pretty affordable things. I got the dogs two new winter collars from Clara’s Collars. Their fall ones from last year even survived some chewing when the Corgi was still a puppy so they are well made.

I also stopped by one of my favorite artists who lives in Ohio, Ruth Thompson. I LOVE her artwork and she is one of the artists I found that actually do male forms. Most others primarily do females as their mediums. Two other favorites are NeNe Thomas and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

Anyway, I am a TOTAL fan for anything of Ruth’s. I have such a girl-crush on her. She wasn’t there this time because they had a show up in Boston at the same time but her husband and a friend was running the booth. Of course, I don’t mind. Her husband is Australian. I don’t know what it is but either Australian or Scottish, all you have to do is chat and I’ll just stand there and listen. It could be something totally boring. I don’t care. (Heee, accents). Anyway, hopefully next year she’ll be there because she personalizes anything that people buy and she is totally nice and a sweet person. I got some prints for myself and a bag as well as some Christmas presents for the roomie.


So that’s it for this ROW80 check in. What accent or quirk makes you just get a silly grin on your face?

Oh and don’t forget, this is a ROW80 Blog Hop. Check them out!


4 Responses to “Rowing about – A Row80 Check In”

  1. Great job with your mini nano!! It’s always nice to have done more than you thought. English, Scottish, and Australian seem to get me giddy too. I could listen to those accents for hours! Hope you have a great week!

  2. We have lots of Ruth Thompson’s work in our house. I have “Howl” over my bed. LOL. Congrats on that super word count!

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