And the Dragons Weep

Anne McCaffery has passed away.

I remember when I first picked up one of Anne’s books. I had my allowance and was going around Waldenbooks, trying to find something to read. I usually gravitate towards the Fantasy/Sci-Fi section for something new. I’ve always been a big reader. Amongst all the other authors, most of them male, the colorful covers, I saw the front that had a dragon with a small figure on it’s back.

Dragonflight was my first book of hers and I was hooked. I devoured all the Pern books after that. I was fascinated by the different abilities of the dragons, the destructive abilities of the Thread. Everything. If I ever wrote down my favorite authors, she is usually the first one I put down.

She is one of the authors who forged the way for women authors in Sci-Fi. She will be missed.

R.I.P Ms. McCaffery

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