Row and NaNo – Check in

Well, tonight is interesting. It started out with only one other person showing up at the Write In I was doing and he wasn’t really worried with crossing 50k because he was so far behind but at least he showed up.

Plus I had the start of a bad headache. It’s kind of throbbing right now but it went down from before. It sucks to get a headache when you know you have things to do but are in too much pain to really do much to concentrate on. I was lucky to get my base word count then.

So I came home, kind of ‘meh’ about things. But I sighed up for an on-line Night of Writing Dangerously that some of the people who ran a NaNo sprint room were hosting. There are even prizes of a paid LJ journal for a year, icons, custom design or what not. Pretty cute prizes that was cool of them to do. I went into it not really thinking much of it. Well, I’m currently on Hour 4 and in those 4 hours have written about 5k of words. I’m doing this post taking a break from the sprinting games that they are doing.

It’s Dinos vs. Pirates vs. Ninjas.

It’s very fun. I MIGHT even cross 50k tonight. And if I do, I get my team (the Dinos, RAWR) 10k in points.

Right now those sneaky Ninjas are ahead but just wait, the Dino team will stomp both them and the Pirates.

*Dino chest bump*

^.^ We do stuff like that in the chat…but it is fun. There are people who came in very far behind but even they are finding that the sprinting has given them several thousand words to their novel.

So if you are needing some inspiration to add to your word count, I suggest finding a sprint room. Really, you don’t realize how much you can do when you’re not sitting there thinking about it.

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One Response to “Row and NaNo – Check in”

  1. That sounds like amazing fun. I hope it pushed you past the 50K (or that you are very close). 2012 will be my NaNo year, but I’m learning so much from all of you! Can’t wait to put into practice all my great ROW80 NaNo notes.

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